[fanvideo] Seven


Naruse Ryo, Serizawa Naoto and others
music: Sawano Hiroyuki - Schlaflied (Chorus) (OST "Maou"), Hans Zimmer - I60 BPM (OST "Angel and Demons")

This fanvid was originally made for russian JE-fandom's charade contest. So there's password hidden in the plot.
Seven people are connected by things of the same theme. This theme is the password. I added some clues in the fanvid: - quote from the famous writing, which has a direct connection to the theme, into the vid's prologue (even it's position in original text is important) - seven words, each for every person's "thing".

P.S. for those who watched Maou. I changed the main plot of the drama, made it more into AU, but all in all characters' behaviour, their actions and motivations are the same.

youtube | download (127,68 mb)